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Data Strategy

Unlock the value of your data assets

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Define and implement a robust data strategy

Retailers large and small know the value of data – and most consumer-facing business are already rich in this asset. Yet many lack the tools and the strategies to turn data into meaningful insight, or to use this insight to shape strategic decision making. With Data Strategy from dunnhumby, retailers can overcome this hurdle, using a unique mix of expert consultancy, data analysis techniques and advanced technologies to build and implement a strategy that drives real results across every aspect of the retail operation.

The value of Data Strategy

The value of Data Strategy

Whether you’re a commercial director seeking higher margins, a CMO hoping to improve marketing outcomes, or a loyalty director looking to understand Customer drivers, data is the answer.

  • Understand how to extract value from your data
  • Unlock crucial information and turn insight into strategy
  • Learn how to optimise investments to transform your business
  • Govern data more effectively and manage risk confidently
  • Streamline data technologies to improve efficiency

Data Strategy Healthcheck

As part of our Data Consultancy process, we have developed a specific framework for assessing your current data landscape: the Data Strategy Healthcheck. Our Data Strategy Healthcheck helps to identify gaps and areas of strength to build upon, define a forward-looking strategy, and ultimately increase the value of your data.

Data Strategy Healthcheck

Building a Data Strategy

An effective Data Strategy offers a range of tangible benefits, from implementing quick wins and uncovering errors, to building data governance frameworks and closing gaps within your data assets. At dunnhumby, we help you build a Data Strategy by scoring and providing recommendations against five key elements.

Data driven business

Align business objectives with data strategy to enable better decision-making

Connected Customer data

Define what Customer data needs to be accessible and ensure the proper quality and syndication is available

Data governance

Ensure policies and processes for handling data, managing compliance and building trust are strong

Data architecture

Optimise how data is collected, managed and accessed with the right technologies and architecture

Talent, teams & ways of working

Identify skills and expertise gaps, ensure accountability, and improve collaboration around data usage

Our Data Consultancy offering provides an end-to-end process that helps you grow your data capabilities, taking a holistic view of how data fits within your business to design and execute solutions that empower you to use data more efficiently.

Quick wins

Establish and implement small changes that lead to big impact

Quality data

Fix errors within your data to improve the accuracy of the insights it creates

Rigorous frameworks

Develop and design better frameworks for more effective data governance

Data mapping

Understand the value behind the data by mapping it against models

Data Strategy Healthcheck creates recommendations for action based on global best practice and dunnhumby’s years of experience delivering data strategies for global clients. Delivered through on-site interviews, workshops and access to data samples, this creates actionable recommendations for both fast tweaks and long-term investment.

Understand gaps

Establish what’s missing from your existing data strategy and address accordingly

Identify strengths

Build on existing excellence and duplicate success across the business

Take action

Move quickly to improve ROI by implementing quick wins with minimal effort

Guide investment

Understand where to prioritise spend in data and technology for maximum impact

Customer Stories


Find out how understanding customers through data insights and personalised communications saw a 1% growth in like-for-like sales.

Raia Drogasil

How informed customer-centric decision making helped to deliver 4.3% sales uplift in 21 weeks.

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