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Unleash the potential of Retail Media

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Make Media work for your business with richer, more rewarding experiences.

In a fiercely competitive retail landscape, two things are crucial to your long-term success. First, retailers need a Customer First mindset and the ability to deliver personalised campaigns that create richer, more rewarding Customer experiences. But retailers are also under pressure to diversify revenues streams to achieve sustainable growth. Retail Media from dunnhumby empowers you to achieve both of these goals simultaneously, providing the expert consultancy you need to enhance your Customer First Retail Media capabilities, create richer Customer experiences, and monetise your media offering effectively.

Our Retail Media offering

At dunnhumby, Retail Media is an end-to-send solution in which you can turn Customer Data into insight, maximise the value of media inventory, and collaborate with brands to delight your Customers and run campaigns that achieve key commercial objectives. This helps you simultaneously grow profitability, improve relationships with brands, and enhance the Customer experience by delivering communications tailored to their actions and behaviours.

Our consultancy

Our expert consultancy is a fundamental part of our Retail Media offering. A dedicated team will always be on hand to help you maximise the potential of Retail Media in your organisation – whether that’s small adjustments or company-wide changes. Combined with our expert Data Science, this ensures that you can create meaningful and engaging Customer experiences and reap the most benefit from your owned media, and your partnerships with CPGs, across every channel.

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Our Consultancy
Benefits of Retail Media

The benefits of Retail Media

Data-driven Retail Media is set to boom in coming years, offering advantages to both retailers and brands. Brands are understandably keen to partner with retailers to advertise to relevant Customers in store, via eCommerce and at 以太坊交易平台_ETH期货合约交home, so for retailers with granular Customer data and regular interactions with Customers, the opportunities are significant.

  • Make shopping easier, more engaging, and more valuable to your Customers
  • Maximise the opportunity of every shop and every Customer
  • Build a discrete and highly profitable new revenue stream
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As Customers live and shop more online, it’s vital to use digital channels along with the store environment to speak to them effectively. dunnhumby's Recommender solution makes shopping faster and more convenient for customers. At the same time, predictive analytics give you the ability to send relevant, personalised recommendations across channels before and during the shopping trip on a moment-to-moment basis, ensuring you drive sales uplift and foster engagement.

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Increase Customer satisfaction

Send tailored recommendations that make shopping easier, faster and more engaging

Guarantee relevance

Continual customer propensity scoring ensures the highest degree of relevancy

Reduce friction

Match recommendations appropriately to different points of the buying process

Channel consistency

Deliver the right messages across all channels for a seamless experience

Personalised Offers empowers you to work with brands to execute engaging, individualised promotions, funded by your CPG partners. Using highly advanced predictive Data Science, we’ll help you reward Customers with offers uniquely tailored to their spending patterns. This makes shopping a better experience for them, while helping you win back inactive Customers, recapture abandoned purchases, build loyalty, and increase conversions.

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Personalised promotions

Deliver highly targeted offers and coupons to achieve specific marketing objectives

Shape behaviour

Intelligently influence Customer behaviour in line with your objectives

Reduce friction

Win back inactive Customers, recapture abandoned purchases, and build loyalty

Improve supplier collaboration

Work with suppliers to design campaigns that support multi-buy, money off and other initiatives

Your digital shelf space is a valuable resource. Our Digital Onsite solution is a fully managed service that can be deployed across all of your ecommerce touchpoints, to help drive awareness, inform Customers and prompt impulse buys. This positions you to collaborate effectively with CPGs and turns your website into a revenue-generating digital advertising platform.

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Seamless delivery

Use native, non-intrusive ads to boost engagement and drive sales

Enhanced experience

Help, guide and inspire Customers – ultimately making shopper easier

CPG collaboration

Build strong CPG partnerships to unlock funding for campaigns

Boost conversions

Engage Customers with relevant experiences across all touchpoints

Brand-sponsored product listings can be a great way for Retailers to monetise their digital storefronts while inspiring Customers to try new things. Our Sponsored Products solution combines the power of dunnhumby’s Customer Data Science with CitrusAd’s programmatic technology, maximising advertising relevance and enhancing the Customer journey.

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Improve your Customer experience

Make shopping faster and more convenient with personalised and context-sensitive sponsored listings

Drive sales uplift

Encourage bigger baskets by showcasing relevant products right at the point of purchase

Generate additional revenues

Keep control of your Customer experience while attracting investment from brands and their ad agencies via a self-serve auction-based platform

Offset rising fulfilment costs

Maximise your return on the growing audience for online grocery, and track your returns with closed-loop measurement and reporting

Advertising is changing, with more brands looking to shift their budgets into digital channels. For retailers, this represents a serious opportunity to partner with CPGs to deliver personalised ads to Customers, unlocking a new source of revenue and generating sales uplift as you go. Digital Offsite helps you achieve this, blending powerful programmatic technology and cutting-edge Data Science to help you hit the right audience at the right time, across the open web and in walled gardens.

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Deliver personalisation

Offer data-driven personalised shopping ads across your Customers’ digital landscape

Increased reach

From the open web to walled environments, reach Customers no matter where they are

Grow advertising revenues

Provide precision targeting outside your physical/digital real estate to capture brand advertising spend

Drive Sales

Increase engagement and loyalty to create sustainable business growth

Even as online sales grow, in-store media is still a key asset – and it’s one that retailers should be monetising. Store Media from dunnhumby helps you generate revenue through the combined used of printed point-of-sale, digital signage, sampling and experiential, and Customer magazines. At the same time, it helps Customers navigate your stores and find inspiration as they go – boosting their engagement and your sales.

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Enhance Customer engagement

Create relevant, helpful store experiences that inspire Customers and boost sales

Increase revenue

Commercialise your Customer data and optimise space in your store estate

Amplify results

Identify optimal stores to activate in, co-ordinate across stores and drive footfall

Measure results

Understand brand and category uplift, and use learnings to optimise future campaigns

Introducing the world’s first Customer-centric sponsored product platform

With Retail Media, our clients have achieved

Redemption rate with Personalised Offers

Return on ad spend with Digital Onsite

Audience buy in with Digital Offsite

Sales uplift with Store Media

Customer Stories


Find out how directly connecting insight and media planning at household level gave Nestlé an 11% sales uplift.

Red Bull

Find out how embedding Customer Data Science in assortment decisions let to 54% cross-shopping growth.

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