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Deliver exceptional Customer experiences that drive sustainable commercial growth

With deep insight into their Customers and access to a wide range of communication channels, many Retailers are already perfectly placed to capitalise on the transformative potential of Retail Media. By bringing in ad spend from marketing for brands, Retailers can drive significant commercial growth. But balance is key; to create something truly sustainable, Retailers need to put their Customers first and deliver personalised experiences that engage, inspire, and reward.

Create exceptional shopping experiences

Discover new value in existing media assets

When it comes to targeting an audience at the point of purchase, few methods are as effective as Retail marketing. As a result, Retailers have an opportunity to monetise key assets like in-store display, websites, and apps. With over 1,000 CPG partners, and three decades of Grocery Retail experience, we specialise in helping you discover new value in your existing media assets.

Create exceptional shopping experiences

Today’s Customers expect Retailers to deliver tailored experiences that make shopping faster, easier, and more convenient. Data-driven personalisation is key to that, giving Retailers the power to engage Customers based on real behaviours rather than generic assumptions. By analysing data from billions of shopping baskets every year, dunnhumby’s Customer Data Science helps you understand your Customers as individuals, and create uniquely personalised experiences that inform and inspire.

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Drive sustainable commercial growth
Discover new value in existing assets

Drive sustainable commercial growth

Personalisation and commercial growth go hand in hand; the more that Retailers personalise their offering, the more they’re likely to sell. Our omnichannel offering helps Retailers deliver consistent personalisation wherever they can, supporting the Customer journey all the way from sofa to store. And, with our comprehensive insight and media measurement capabilities, we make it easy to balance Customer experience with commercial growth – fostering collaboration with advertisers and ensuring long-term sustainability and satisfaction.

Minimal risk, maximum impact

Building a professional Retail Media operation can be a time-intensive and complicated process, requiring a detailed understanding of everything from data science and advertising technologies through to the dynamics of attracting CPG spend. We take that complexity away, providing a simple and low-risk way to explore your Retail Media opportunity. 

Using our proven Rapid Discovery model, our expert consultants can help you quickly identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, giving you clarity and certainty about what Retail Media could do for your business. Our Design service gives you a complete blueprint on how to move forwards. And, when you’re ready to gowe’ll help you Deploy quickly and efficiently, reducing your time to value. 

Get an instant summary of where your business sits when it comes to Retail Media with our quick and easy-to-use maturity model. 

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With more people shopping for groceries online, product discovery is becoming an increasingly important element of the ecommerce experience. Brand-sponsored product listings can help Retailers monetise their digital storefronts while also inspiring Customers to try new things, but only if those suggestions are genuinely useful. Digital Onsite Sponsored Products combines the power of dunnhumby’s Customer Data Science with CitrusAd’s programmatic technology, maximising product relevance and enhancing the Customer journey.

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Increase convenience

Make shopping faster and easier with relevant and context-sensitive sponsored listings

Simplify brand advertising

Our simple, self-service advertising platform makes campaign management easy

Drive Customer spend

Showcase products at the point of purchase to encourage cross sell and upsell

Generate ad revenues

Attract investment in the form of Brand and agency advertising spend

As the amount of time that people spend online continues to increase, Brand advertisers are shifting their spend towards digital channels. Digital Offsite helps you capture a share of that investment - even when Customers are away from your digital store. Combining Customer Data Science with programmatic advertising capabilities, Digital Offsite gives Retailers and CPGs the ability to reach highly targeted audiences across a wide network of brand-safe websites and “walled gardens” like Facebook and YouTube.

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Improve awareness

Keep Customers engaged with your brand across the web

Expand your reach

Target high-intent Customers wherever they are online

Drive sales

Grow baskets and conversions with relevant, personalised ads

Increase revenues

Monetise your data and attract CPG ad spend

Your digital shelf space is a valuable resource. Digital Onsite Display gives you the ability to meet your retailer marketing objectives by serving offers, promotions, and recommendations to high-intent Customers across all your ecommerce touchpoints. From 以太坊交易平台_ETH期货合约交homepage banners to checkout carousels, Digital Onsite Display provides everything you need to help your digital channels work harder for you.

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Engage and inspire your audience

Improve the Customer experience with timely and personalised messages

Seamless and consistent

Maintain brand integrity across the entire shopping journey

Drive sales

Increase basket sizes and prompt impulse purchases

Unlock CPG ad funding

Build brand confidence with comprehensive closed-loop reporting

Even as online sales continue to grow, in-store media remains a key asset; from navigation to inspiration, Store Media can make a huge contribution to the quality of the Retail experience. Store Media from dunnhumby helps you generate revenues through the combination of printed point-of-sale, digital signage, sampling and experiential, and Customer magazines. And, by applying our best-in-class data science and using our advanced technology, we can help you maximise the effectiveness and relevance of every in-store asset.

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Enhance the experience

Create relevant and helpful experiences that boost sales and enhance the Customer journey

Increase effectiveness

Use Customer data to make smarter decisions about how best to utilise in-store assets

Measure and refine

Understand the short and long-term impact of your store media to optimise future campaign planning and Customer lifetime value

Attract CPG investment

Develop highly effective co-branded store campaigns with your CPG partners

Not only do offers and coupons help to demonstrate the value you provide to Customers, they also provide a great reason for shoppers to return to your digital and physical stores. Personalised Offers helps you take that to the next level, delivering CPG-funded discounts and offers that are uniquely tailored to each Customer’s individual purchasing behaviours. Delivering highly relevant rewards to shoppers, Personalised Offers also helps you win back inactive Customers, counter cart abandonment, and increase conversions.

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Re-engage shoppers

Regain lapsed Customers and reduce the number of abandoned transactions

Demonstrate value

Show Customers that you understand their needs with targeted offers and deals

Deliver on sales objectives

Achieve specific marketing goals with relevant personalised promotions

Outsource campaign costs

Tap into brand advertising budgets and outsource the cost of your offer campaigns

With Retail Media, our clients have achieved

Audience buy in with Digital Offsite

Return on ad spend with Digital Onsite

Sales uplift with Store Media

Redemption rate with Personalised Offers

How we’ve helped retailers succeed

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